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2009 Fischer Family Reunion

For as long as I can remember the Sunday closest to July 4th has been the reunion. I thought all families got together once a year for a picnic. It wasn't until much later that I understood how unique it was. For 42 years more than 200 family members gather for a family reunion. There is a meeting, adhering to parliamentary procedure, where the winners of some of the games are announced. Minutes form the last years meeting are read, the 50/50 ticket is drawn. New members names are read, some by birth and some by marriage, Maureen officially became an in-direct. Oldest and youngest members get a prize. This year the weather was perfect. Warm, but not hot, no rain, I had a great time. Here are some photos:


Audrey Dincher, so cute.


New cousins, my cousin's children, Audrey and Ryan


My Grandmother (far right) with a new family member


Steven gets squirted by his big sister Renee


The long table of food


Lunch, oldest members first


The egg toss


My niece Maddy, and my cousin's son Steven


The meeting

Abandoned in Connecticut - Part 1

Driving around Connecticut I have been noticing so many abandoned buildings. Big box chain stores stick out most, and the Circuit City stores seem to be everywhere. These places are out in the open, part of the urban landscape, and if you look, they will stick out like a sore thumb. I plan on shooting as many of these places as I can. decay-01

Circuit City, North Haven, CT


Circuit City, North Haven, CT


Circuit City, North Haven, CT


Comp USA, Orange CT


Comp USA, Orange CT


Comp USA, Orange CT


Showcase Cinema, Milford, CT


Showcase Cinema, Milford, CT


Showcase Cinema, Milford, CT


Showcase Cinema, Milford, CT


Galvin Pools, Orange, CT


Circuit City, Orange, CT

Boston and Storm Clouds

I was in Boston last weekend visiting with an old friend from Semester at Sea, Mike Mariant. As I write, he is at Neverland Ranch shooting for the AP, kinda cool. I am getting ready for a wedding tomorrow, my first second shooting gig here in Connecticut. I am excited, check back for images in a few days. For now I leave you with a tomb stone from the Granary Burying Ground on Tremont Street in Boston. Paul Revere is buried there, and I really like the skull and wings on the stone, and below that, we had a fast storm blow through leaving some great clouds as the sun set. Enjoy!stone


SAS in Boston

The M/V Explorer stopped in Boston for a short time last week. There was an alumni open house and Maureen and I went up to visit our old friend. Hard to believe it was 5 years ago that I helped ISE transfer from the SS Universe Explorer to the new ship. It was Maureen's second time on the 'ol girl, we had been dating just a few months when she came with me on the seminar voyage over New Years 2007. I had a far too short visit with many friends, here are a few quick shots - Enjoy! boston-01

The stacks and logo were looking good against a clear sky.


She put on her best outfit, flags from steam to stern.


The cruse ship terminal of Boston was not the nicest berth, the large dockside buildings totally blocked any view of downtown.


The band on the pool deck was rockin.


Cindy was roped into taking a photo of these new alumni, crazy kids.

On the floor of the NYSE

I did a photo shoot on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange last week. I can't share any of the photos until they are published, so here is one from outside. I was escorted in and had a very short time to shoot on the floor. It was very chaotic, people going every-which-way gives the phrase "New York Minute" a whole new

Wall St, NYC

Semester at Sea Spring 2004 photo gallery

It has been 5 years, and I have finally gotten a S04 photo gallery up. There are over 200 images, and you can purchase prints of any one right from the website. Have a look, leave comments, you might even see yourself (if you were on S04 that is)! It has been weird editing these images after all this time, seeing familiar faces, reliving those great times. I would encourage you to go back and look through your old images, it really brings back the memories.Here are a few images to whet the pallet, if you are intrigued, click the link below for the full gallery!


The SS Universe Explorer, our home for 100 days. S04 was the last voyage of the "SSUE" she was taken to India where she was cut up for scrap.


Fidel Castro spoke to the shipboard community while we were in Cuba. It was an amazing experience.


Havana has no lack of old cars, the Cuban people are so inventive, and have kept these old american cars on the road.


Mojitos are even better with Havana Club!


Life boat drills happened each week at sea!


Salvador, Brazil


Cape Town, South Africa


Chennai, India


Ooty, India


The SSUE was one of the last true steam ships traveling across the oceans.


Busan, Korea. Asia is a unique place.........

Video with the 5D

This is a test video at the Decemberists show earlier this week with the new camera. The first clip is the best because I left the image stabilization on. I turned the IS off because the noise can be picked up by the camera and I wanted to be sure it didn't get into the video, but the music was so loud you couldn't hear it. Now I know for the next time.

I edited with iMovie 08, and was not happy to find that there is a problem with it and the HD files from the canon, so it is not in HD even though the vimeo site can handle it and the files from the camera look amazing. I'll work on getting better quality up, till then, here you go!


The Decemberists at Yale

Today was the "spring Fling" at Yale, basically a big party for students before they have to camp out in the library and study for finals. They set up a stage on the quad and have several bands come and preform. This year The Decemberists were on the bill and there was no way I was going to miss it. Maureen and I went down and stood amongst all the students feeling really old. They played a great set, and I got a few images. Enjoy!  





I'm famous

Well, OK, maybe not FAMOUS, but I have been listening to podcasts for years now, and I have finally gotten ON one. That's right, my voice could be piped in to your iPod right now! Click here to launch iTunes and get the episode! I was interviewed by Mr. Robert Norman, photographer extraordinaire for his Connecticut Photographers of Distinction podcast. It was an awesome experience and am really glad I got the chance to talk with Robert.

I have one regret, and that is not taking any photos of us in his office with the cool microphones he has to do the recording with. Oh well, maybe next time.

Ira Glass at Yale

I have been a fan of This American Life for quite some time now. A really big fan. It is the best show on radio, I love me some Car Talk, but TAL has more impact. I don't usually listen to the live broadcast, but rather get the podcast and listen on the iPod in the car.  I was looking at the Yale Daily Bulletin and saw an ad for a lecture he was giving on campus, and it was happening in just 5 hours. I was able to get to campus, find the Law School, and ended up pretty close to the front of the line.  He came out and sat down behind some audio equipment, and then all the lights went off. He said something like "Since I will be talking about the radio, I thought maybe you shouldn't see me" awesome! The lights came back on soon after, and he went on to talk about how he comes up with stories, how they are constructed, what works on the radio, and what doesn't. It was like he was doing a show just for us live. I am so glad I got to go. 

I did manage to snap one decent photo. I was kinda far away, and the light was not great, but this came out pretty good.


5D Mark II, ISO 6400, 1/160th @ f4.5 and I cropped in on it about 20%. Excellent quality in very low light. I am really happy with the new camera.