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Betsy + Justin

Last weekend I was honored to photograph the wedding of my sister-in-law Betsy. She and her now husband started dating shortly after graduating from high school. Their ceremony was scheduled to be outside at The Red Barn in South Berwick, but rain kept them inside. All worked out in the end as the Red Barn has a lovely inside space. Betsy looked stunning, Justin, you are a lucky man. Wishing you many years of happiness together!  

Meet Connor Thomas

I had the joy of welcoming Connor Thomas Long into this crazy world yesterday. He was just under 12 hours old, a brand new nephew. Danielle did a great job, and the kid is very healthy. Here are a few images of the newest Long:connor-08



Proud Grandma


He was a little guy.


Still sleeping.


Grandma can't stop looking, neither can daddy.


Aunt Maureen.


Aunt Betsy.


Grandpa arrived as we were leaving.

Well, congratulations Pat and Danielle, he is perfect in every way. See you soon, Connor, your Uncle Tony!

a new sister-in-law

Maeve Yan Shi came home last week. She was abandoned the day she was born more than a year ago. The orphanage took very good care of her, and now she is with her new mom and dad in Maine. I am so happy for Joe and Jessica. Maeve's big sister is very proud. We went up for a very short visit to meet Maeve and welcome her into the family. I am looking forward to watching my sister-in-law grow up. Here is a link to the full gallery:


Yale class of 2030


Almost walking


Fiona is new to the family too!


Already reading about her homeland.


Fun on wheels