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2009 Fischer Family Reunion

For as long as I can remember the Sunday closest to July 4th has been the reunion. I thought all families got together once a year for a picnic. It wasn't until much later that I understood how unique it was. For 42 years more than 200 family members gather for a family reunion. There is a meeting, adhering to parliamentary procedure, where the winners of some of the games are announced. Minutes form the last years meeting are read, the 50/50 ticket is drawn. New members names are read, some by birth and some by marriage, Maureen officially became an in-direct. Oldest and youngest members get a prize. This year the weather was perfect. Warm, but not hot, no rain, I had a great time. Here are some photos:


Audrey Dincher, so cute.


New cousins, my cousin's children, Audrey and Ryan


My Grandmother (far right) with a new family member


Steven gets squirted by his big sister Renee


The long table of food


Lunch, oldest members first


The egg toss


My niece Maddy, and my cousin's son Steven


The meeting

Photos from the wedding

First off, Maureen and I would like to thank everyone for being a part of our wedding. It was a great day full of family and friends celebrating with us. We couldn't have asked for a better time. Here are a few images I gathered from a few sources. Thanks to Joe and Matt! There will be more, as soon as I get Gretchen's photos I will be sure to share them. She and her husband Steven did an absolutely wonderful job, we can't thank you enough!

My Brother, Nick and Mom, Barb

Kate, me, and my new wife!

On the plane to the Dominican Republic we had to fill out a form and for the first time I marked "married".

We spent every day at the beach!

The Final Countdown

I will be married in just over a week to my best friend and partner. She is an incredible woman, and I am very lucky to have found her. I think we were some how destined to be together. I don't want this to get all sappy, but I love her more than anything. Here is a group of photos of us together. She sure does make me look good. Stay tuned.


Here we are in Ocean City MD.

D700 is awesome!

I am shooting two weddings on back-to-back weekends and decided to rent a Nikon D700 as my main body. It is Nikon's full frame sensor in a small camera body and it is rockin'. I have only had it a few hours, but am loving it already. I know I won't want to send it back in two weeks.  Here is a photo of Rudy with it and the 50 1.4 I also got. Check back next week for images from the wedding!

Last Comic Standing winner

I have been keeping an eye on NBC's Last Comic Standing because one of the finalists was a student on my Spring 2004 Semester at Sea voyage. The finale was on tonight and Iliza Shlesinger won! I think she did a great job, Congrats!Here are a few images from her stand-up routine during the talent show on the ship. I thought she was funny then, but I wouldn't have guessed she would win a reality TV show 4 years later. Very cool.