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Katie + Seth

I first met Katie in 1998. We became fast friends and have stayed in touch ever since. There have sometimes been months without talking, but we always pick up right where we left off. When she brought this guy Seth to my wedding 2 years ago I could see a spark. They were introduced by a mutual friend Tom, who thought they might make a good match. However, the first time Seth and Katie met in person at the Black Cat in DC, Seth was wearing his "Paris pants" and sporting a large afro, so Katie was a little unsure. Seth, in his wisdom and persistence, quickly won Katie over. (It also helped that he got a super-cute haircut and ditched the Paris pants.) In no time at all, they were inseparable. Seth surprised Katie in October 2010 with a gorgeous star-sapphire engagement ring and sincere wishes during a mid-day coffee break at Hains Point park in DC, witnessed by a pair of mallard ducks along the Potomac River.

Katie called to tell me the news and asked if I would be their wedding photographer. I was honored to be there and document this perfect day. Enjoy!