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Semester at Sea Spring 2004 photo gallery

It has been 5 years, and I have finally gotten a S04 photo gallery up. There are over 200 images, and you can purchase prints of any one right from the website. Have a look, leave comments, you might even see yourself (if you were on S04 that is)! It has been weird editing these images after all this time, seeing familiar faces, reliving those great times. I would encourage you to go back and look through your old images, it really brings back the memories.Here are a few images to whet the pallet, if you are intrigued, click the link below for the full gallery!


The SS Universe Explorer, our home for 100 days. S04 was the last voyage of the "SSUE" she was taken to India where she was cut up for scrap.


Fidel Castro spoke to the shipboard community while we were in Cuba. It was an amazing experience.


Havana has no lack of old cars, the Cuban people are so inventive, and have kept these old american cars on the road.


Mojitos are even better with Havana Club!


Life boat drills happened each week at sea!


Salvador, Brazil


Cape Town, South Africa


Chennai, India


Ooty, India


The SSUE was one of the last true steam ships traveling across the oceans.


Busan, Korea. Asia is a unique place.........