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Ira Glass at Yale

I have been a fan of This American Life for quite some time now. A really big fan. It is the best show on radio, I love me some Car Talk, but TAL has more impact. I don't usually listen to the live broadcast, but rather get the podcast and listen on the iPod in the car.  I was looking at the Yale Daily Bulletin and saw an ad for a lecture he was giving on campus, and it was happening in just 5 hours. I was able to get to campus, find the Law School, and ended up pretty close to the front of the line.  He came out and sat down behind some audio equipment, and then all the lights went off. He said something like "Since I will be talking about the radio, I thought maybe you shouldn't see me" awesome! The lights came back on soon after, and he went on to talk about how he comes up with stories, how they are constructed, what works on the radio, and what doesn't. It was like he was doing a show just for us live. I am so glad I got to go. 

I did manage to snap one decent photo. I was kinda far away, and the light was not great, but this came out pretty good.


5D Mark II, ISO 6400, 1/160th @ f4.5 and I cropped in on it about 20%. Excellent quality in very low light. I am really happy with the new camera.