Recent images from Tony Fiorini


Big changes around here. First, the move. Maureen and I have settled in here in New Haven. I am getting my butt in gear and going out to look for a gig. I have a few prospects, but it may take some time to cultivate relationships here in Connecticut. We brought Rudy back with us after visiting with my family in Pennsylvania, and he is pretty darn happy here in the new diggs. It is bigger, and more importantly, there is carpeting so he can run around and not slide into the wall (though that was fun to watch). Another big change, maybe bigger than moving to a new state is moving to a new camera system. Yep, I went Canon. 5D Mark II to be exact, and I am loving it. It is full frame, and I have really been missing that. This is the first time I got the camera I really wanted. The photos of Rudy are among the first to come out of this thing, and they are so nice.